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Hagglund is a Swedish defence company and a subsidiary of BAE Global Combat Systems. It developed The BV 206 or ‘Bandvagn 206’, an articulated, tracked, all-terrain vehicle originally developed for the Swedish Army by Hagglunds.

It was designed to transport troops and equipment across harsh terrain such as snow and marsh-lands as well as roads.


The Machine:-

The carrier consists of two track driven cars with fiberglass reinforced plastic bodies coupled to each other by an articulated steering unit with all four tracks being driven.

The most popular set up is the Personnel carrier holding up to 17 people including driver. The rear trailer unit can be adapted for different applications.

In most forms the BV 206 is fully amphibious, powered by its tracks it can reach a speed in calm water up to 4.7km/h.

The machine distributes a very low amount of ground pressure at 2psi with a full load enabling it to cope with a range of difficult conditions. Another benefit of the low pressure and the fact its driven by an articulated steering system rather than a brake and slew, resulting in little damage to sensitive areas giving it an environmentally green factor as well!

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